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“…and mediocrity for all…”
In the Pursuit of Amusement
Danica's Back... 
18th-Jun-2009 01:08 pm
I know you've all missed me; I've been away, reconsidering the meaning of life.

I've made some changes about how I think about the world and what it means to be part of humanity.  Im a lot less 'back to the chair'.

And I'm ready to begin the real health challenge.  2008 was a great wakening, with almost 60kgs gone forever.

For the remaining months of 2009 its time to up the training and shed the final 15kgs and be at my ideal weight.

I also want to conect with people more.  I want to get out and experience more of the new.

Im back, and Im snappin' z's all over the place.

Danica of the Begining
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